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Nov 2015
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Today is Katie’s birthday. I wish her all the best, and hope she has a wonderful day spent with her family and friends. ♥

As you see in the previous post, some of us Katie fans joined Katherine Heigl France‘s birthday project. Here’s the result. She really worked hard to finish it on time, so be sure to watch it 🙂


The best thing: Katie already saw it and tweeted

Nov 2015
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Please join Katherine Heigl France‘s birthday project for Katie! It’s a really cute idea, so check it out & tweet her (@KHeigl_France) to get a letter

Hi, it’s soon Katie’s birthday (November 24). For this occasion I thought it’ll be nice to make something for her. I need at least 25 fans to make this project a success 😉 Send me a message by DM tell me you want to participate to the project & then I will give you a letter. With that letter you write a word about Katie (example : I give you A, you write Amazing or Adorable…) The letter should be in uppercase. Take a pic of you & in big write the word on a paper then happy birthday Katie & your twitter @name or just your name (if you don’t have twitter). You have till November, 21

Nov 2015
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The actress and producer shares how her family’s personal tragedy shaped her stance on organ donation, and why planning for tough decisions now is crucial.
Katherine Heigl is passionate about organ donation, an issue that’s deeply impacted her family.

“My brother Jason was a donor,” she explains. “A tragic accident left my brother with a massive brain injury, but he was fine from the neck down. Through this difficult and tragic experience, our whole family learned that, as human beings, we need to have as much compassion for others as we have for ourselves.

Saving others
“Once the person you love is no longer able to continue their life,” Heigl adds, “It is both good, honorable and the right thing to do when you gift someone else, who is dying, with a second chance.”

The family made the decision to donate Jason’s heart, kidneys and eyes. According to Heigl, the donations helped five other individuals continue life as they knew it, and were “Jason’s last gift to a world he had the greatest affection for.”

Be a donor
Heigl urges everyone to follow her brother’s example, and consent to being a donor.

“All anyone needs to do to be convinced that this is right is talk to a family whose loved one is waiting for an organ to survive,” she says.

Today, 120 million Americans are registered as donors, but even more are needed, regardless of age, race or ethnicity. Although 79 organ donations happen daily, other statistics are sobering. Every day 18 people die waiting to get transplants, and every 10 minutes a new name is added to the national organ transplant waiting list.

Supporting the cause
Registered donors should share their intent to donate with their family and friends to help foster awareness.

One organ and tissue donation can save up to eight lives.

“It’s so hard for people to be thinking about organ donation for the first time when they are amidst an overwhelming tragedy,” says Heigl. “It’s something that no one ever wants to be faced with, and if you make sure that all who care about you know your own wishes, you can spare them one more decision during an already very difficult time.”


Oct 2015
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Added first pictures of Katie on the set of Doubt, a new CBS pilot:

CBS has tapped Grey’s Anatomy alumna Katherine Heigl to star in its legal drama pilot Doubt, from former Grey’s executive producers Tony Phelan and Joan Rater. The project, produced by CBS TV Studios and Timberman/Beverly Prods, centers on Sadie Ellis (Heigl), a smart, chic, successful defense lawyer at a boutique firm who shockingly gets romantically involved with one of her clients, Billy, who may or may not be guilty of a brutal crime.

CBS originally piloted the project last season with KaDee Strickland and Teddy Sears as Sadie and Billy. The pilot did not make the cut to series in May but the network left the legal drama in contention for a new pilot. The two lead roles of Sadie and Billy were set for recasting, while the rest of the original cast is returning. That includes Laverne Cox, Dule Hill, Dreama Walker, Elliott Gould and Kobi Libii. Also coming back is director Adam Bernstein who helmed the original pilot.

Executive producing the pilot are Tony Phelan & Joan Rater, Carl Beverly & Sarah Timberman and Bernstein.

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Oct 2015
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Oct 2015
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