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Feb 2015
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Honesty has always been Katherine Heigl‘s policy—and there’s no sign of that changing. See what she has to say in the new issue.

In the March issue of InStyle (on sale now), cover girl Katherine Heigl is searingly honest as she talks about country life, being a stage mum and making her marriage work. The Emmy Award-winning actress stars in the new series State of Affairs, premiering on Seven Network this Thursday (February 19). Here’s a taste of what she has to say in the new issue…
On being candid: “I would be so scared that something I said would be used against me that I would go home after an interview and lie in bed thinking, ‘What did I say that could be taken out of context?’”

On whether she’d let her girls act: “My daughter just came home with a project from school; she was asked what she wants to do when she grows up. She said: ‘I want to be a musician like Daddy and act in movies like Mommy.’ I went, ‘We’re so screwed!’ I’m happy to support it when they’re adults but I don’t want to schlep them around to auditions and do all the stuff my mom had to do with me.”

On State of Affairs: “Charleston [Heigl’s character] is privy to a CIA secret that only she and one other person know about. You’re going to see the ramifications of that secret and what it means to her relationship with the president and her team.” (x)

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